10 July 2008

Where my CAEs at?

I know I’m about a week late, but I wanted to congratulate all the new Certified Association Executives, particularly the DC-based study group I was privileged to assist, who shall hereinafter be known as the 100% Group, since that was our pass rate!

Thinking about the CAE for yourself? I have a few tips:

  • Check to make sure you qualify to sit for the exam.
  • Know yourself. Do you work better alone? Do you need a group to keep you motivated? Do you learn better in a classroom setting, by reading and reviewing on your own, or in discussions with your peers? Are you going to want to try to gradually absorb the material over the course of several months, or do you work better under pressure, where it would make sense to devote, say, two months to really intense study?
  • Make a plan. Once you’ve thought through how you learn, match your study plan to you style. Like classroom settings? Sign up for the fall CAE Immersion Course. Work better in a group? Advertise on the Candidate SharePoint site ISO Study Groups to find others who would like to join you. Work better alone? Make sure you have all the recommended materials and start reading!
  • Work your plan. Goes without saying.
  • Know what you know – and what you *don’t* know – and get help where you need it. If you’ve been a Government Relations Director for 10 years, you probably don’t need to spend very much time reviewing GR. But you might need a little extra assistance in finance, so plan to spend some additional time and resources there.

Speaking of resources, be sure to check out the CAE Candidate SharePoint site hosted by ASAE (login required). The site features extensive resources on each of the domains, a list of links to various study tips and groups and to a Ning socnet for candidates, practice tests, and a moderated discussion area where you can ask questions and get a relatively authoritative response. And the 100% Group will be creating a guide to running a study group and posting it to the SP site shortly, so that will DEFINITELY be worth checking out.

Thanks to Ben Martin and Jim Thompson for the CAE license plate image.

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Ben Martin, CAE said...

I'm not sure how I missed your first link to my blog, but lemme be the first to welcome you to the blogoclump!