23 July 2008

What I'm Reading

  • Salon.com on the Bush administration's historic abuse of power in domestic spying. Time for another Church Commission?
  • Maddie's Top 10 List for the upcoming ASAE Annual Meeting. I'm planning to do at least 7.
  • Job descriptions - I know two organizations that are hiring. One is a small ed-tech association in DC looking for a Director of Membership & Marketing with about 5 years' experience. The other is a large healthcare association in Dallas looking for a VP of Finance with 10 years' experiences and a CPA. If either of those is you, drop me an email at ewengel at yahoo.
  • Philly.com's coverage of the Eagles. 2008 Season training camp started Monday!
  • Ben's heterodox position on the role of associations. Good discussion in the comments section, too!
  • Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections. Yes, I'm about 6 years behind the times on this, but you should see the stack of To Be Read books on my nightstand.

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