16 July 2008

What I'm Reading

I know I gave it huge props last week, but you have to check out the July/August issue of MIT's Technology Review. Not only does it always make me feel smarter after I've read it, but this issue focuses on the technology and finances underlying web 2.0. Read it! I'm not kidding! You have to purchase a subscription, but it's just $20, and it will be the best $20 you ever spent.

Maddie's NTEN Office Hours chat. Wish I'd known about this project earlier - I probably would have volunteered, because I just can't get enough of volunteering.

The US airlines' desperate pleas for help in the fight against oil speculation. Yeah, deregulation's a GREAT idea.

More bad news on the economy. In other news, 28% of Americans still think GW's doing a good job. Did they get dropped on their heads as children?

In print, I'm on to Ariana Franklin's Mistress of the Art of Death. Entertaining historical fiction.

What I'm NOT reading is the WaPo's 9 billion part series on the unsolved Chandra Levy murder. It's tragic, I'm sure her family is still very upset, and yes, it's sort of sexy - DC intern, an affair with a crooked Congressperson, death under suspicious circumstances. But if the WaPo actually wants to do something useful, why don't they do a 12 part series on all the unsolved murders in DC's Anacostia and Trinidad neighborhoods? Or even better, a 12 part series on the socio-economic forces that convince so many local young people that crime and violence are their only possible life choices?


Matt Baehr said...

Thanks for the Shirky plug. Come on, you know you want to add it to the list...

Maddie Grant said...

Dudette - you should totally volunteer! It was awesome! You just need to tell them you want to help! And my chat is every Tuesday at 2 pm - if you don't volunteer, then come hang out in my "office" then. : )