09 July 2008

What I'm Reading

In no particular order:
  • The July/August issue of MIT's Technology Review (login required) - I always look forward to the arrival of Technology Review, and this issue is no exception, with a great cover story on the future of socnets. Short version? Do the words "tech bubble" ring any bells? (aka, is Facebook really worth $15 billion?)
  • Associated Knowledge (aka Dave Sobol's blog) - he covered TED talk this week, too. Great minds think alike!
  • The Associations Now July Case Study - shout out to J.Not and to former DELP scholar and ASAE Future Leaders honoree Cedric Calhoun for their insights into dealing with staff conflict.
  • Technotheory's Wake Up: your technology advisor sucks - can I get an "amen"?
  • Maddie Grant on duplication of effort - this is something that concerns me as I get almost daily requests to join yet another socnet - Ning, Namyz, Pulse, the ASAE internal networking tool, oh my! How many groups can I really keep up with? How many should I even try to keep up with? Advances in technology make it so easy to launch new sites, new groups, new communities. But at some point, fatigue is going to set in. Consider yourself warned. (And don't be offeneded if I don't accept your invitation to participate in yet another socnet. It's not personal.)
  • Philly.com's coverage of the Eagles - training camp starts in 12 days!
  • Lisa See's The Interior - because print can be nice, particularly on Metro.
  • The Association of School Business Officials International Eagle Awards submissions - I have been honored to be selected to be a member of the judging panel for this year's awards. First round judging took place this morning. All the applicants were tremendously accomplished, and I'm really looking forward to the interviews with the finalists next month
Edited on July 11 in response to Lisa Junker's comment (below) that login to ASAE is NOT required to read articles in Associations Now.

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ljunker said...

Thank you so much for reading the July case study, Elizabeth! I really learned a lot from Jamie and Cedric's comments. (And just so you know, you don't have to login to read the case study--Associations Now articles are open to the public.)

I hope you enjoy the case study in our August issue, too--it focuses on an association dealing with a groundswell of negative opinion online. The commentators for August did a great job, too.