03 July 2008

The Very First Post

So why Thanks For Playing? And why am I starting a blog now, when I've resisted for so long?

I recently started a new job at Beaconfire Consulting. The thing about a web consultancy is that everyone has a sandbox. Since my focus for BF is on Internet strategy, the concept of a sandbox
doesn't necessarily apply as clearly. But since my focus here (at least initially) will be on the role of communities, online and off, in associations, a blog seemed like a logical choice of sandbox.

Thanks For Playing is intended to be a bit of a pun. First of all, I'll be playing in my sandbox, and I hope so will you. Secondly, the whole nature of the social networks that support online community leads to play. Don't believe me? Check out my Facebook profile. And finally, play is supposed to be fun, and that's one of my major goals for this site.

I'm planning some regular features - a weekly poll, a weekly Top 5 list, a weekly blog roundup - so there should be frequent updates. And please feel free to play with me here.

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Hecate said...

Welcome to the Blogsphere!