03 August 2008

ISO Awesome Association Wikis

Edited Sunday, August 3, 12:24 pm: I'm bumping this back up into the August posts because it's generated some discussion and my handouts are due this week, so if you have any great ideas or links to share in comments, have at it!

Amy Hissrich and I will be working the new Social Media Lab at the upcoming ASAE Annual Meeting. Our session title is Collaborative Content at Your Fingertips, which is a fancy way of saying that we'll be talking about wikis.

Being responsible presenters, we want to send our attendees away with good reference information, which is where you come in. Know a fantastic association wiki? Post it in the comments (or email it to me at ewengel at yahoo), and I'll include it in my handouts. 15 minutes of fame for your organization and my eternal gratitude are at stake!


Lindy Dreyer said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with. I haven't seen very many good wikis yet. Here's the page of example associations from the Association Social Media Wiki. :-(Though some of these examples seem to have withered on the vine, so to speak.)


You might also check out NTEN's use of a wiki for WeAreMedia http://www.wearemedia.org/

IGDA has probably the best implementation and adoption, in my opinion.

EDUCAUSE has an active wiki.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lindy - I'll be sure these get on the list!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Linda for the shout out about the project I'm leading for NTEN. The project is a collaborative curriculum development project - where the community is the curriculum - versus a repository.

I've been writing a series of reflections on "working wikily" on my blog about the collaborative process - and more importantly how to facilitate it

On my personal wiki - that use a portfolio - I have some links to wiki resources and articles

I used wikis extensively as part of my training workshops -- some more about that in this write up from Read/Write Web

I have interviews with folks doing wiki projects and pointers to nonprofits are using wikis and to general pointers to experts and projects across different disciplines

The person you want to really check out is Stewart Mader - author of wikipatterns. His blog is at http://www.ikiw.com - wiki spelled backwards.

Please let me know if you share your slides online - would love to blog about it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the ideas, Beth - this is just in time, too, because my handouts are due this week!

Speaking of handouts, I won't have slides because the presentation is a hands-on lab, but I will be posting about it and will post the handouts, and I'd be honored if you blogged about it! The session will take place Tuesday, August 19, and I'll be looking to post about it before the end of that week.