18 July 2008

The Friday Top 5

Philadelphia Eagles start training camp out at Lehigh University on Monday. In honor of that, the Top 5 Best Things About Football Season:

  1. There's always something good on TV (even if there's no game, there's SportsCenter, NFL Replay, games I've TiVoed, and the NFL Network).
  2. I get to see my friends more frequently (when they come over to watch the games every Sunday).
  3. Traffic picks up on my NFL blog.
  4. Jim (aka Chef Spouse) gets his cook on in a big way.
  5. Ever year, THIS could be the year my beloved Iggles win the Super Bowl.


Jeff De Cagna said...

Elizabeth, I'm excited about the NFL season as well because we'll be hearing the phrase, "Defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants" a whole lot and, boy, does it sound good to me!

Unfortunately, my friend, I think you're kidding yourself about #5. :>)

Anonymous said...

Yes, but I wouldn't *be* an Eagles fan if I didn't think every year could be the year. I even kept the faith during the 1998 season, when we went 3-13.