11 July 2008

The Friday Top 5

Top 5 Useful Applications of Facebook

I love Facebook. You love Facebook. We all love Facebook. Except when we hate it. It’s a great way to keep up with people and to organize events and all that good socnet-y stuff. On the other hand…lots of really goofy apps…”invite 20 friends”…pictures your friends post in which they tag you (and you’d rather be anonymous, Ms. Keg Stand and Mr. Shots While Wearing a Coconut Bra and Grass Skirt)…the ads…the occasional disappointingly bad shoes on
Shoe of the Day.

I do find (and I suspect I’m not alone) that over time, I’m dumping some of the silliness and trying to use my profile in a more directed way for professional reasons. To that end:
  1. Employees – people can have profiles, organizations can have pages. But until now, it was not easy to create a formal relationship between the two (aside from becoming a fan or joining a group). Beaconfire (my company) has developed an application that allows you to link your staff profiles as staff to your organization’s page. Sweet!
  2. Blog RSS Feed Reader – because it’s all about getting the word out, right?
  3. Causes – a FB app that facilitates raising awareness and ACTUAL money and engaging in activism to support a wide range of causes.
  4. YAP – OK, it's not technically an app, but you know you want to join. I quote: “Network with your peers in the association/non-profit industry. Meet cool people. Talk about interesting association-related issues. Host or attend YAP events. Interact and experiment in social media with us.”
  5. Vampires – It's Friday...it's summer...give me a break. They couldn’t all be serious, and I’m nearly a Mistress Vampire. How cool is that?

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