14 July 2008

Blogging the AMA Conference: Green Meetings?

I arrived at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental here in DC early Monday morning to pick up my exhibitor registration and set up Beaconfire's booth for the American Marketing Association's annual nonprofit marketing conference here in DC.

At the reg table, AMA staff handed me the standard badge, this very groovy slim unbleached organic cotton conference bag with high-quality printed giveaways from exhibitor Hershey|Cause and storytelling master proponent and keynoter Andy Goodman - and then they handed me a GIANT binder containing single-side, single-slide-per-page, printed copies of every single presentation at the conference.

I was, frankly, stunned. Green meetings have gone beyond "trendy" or even "trend" to REQUIREMENT. I guess someone should have pointed them to the Convene Green Alliance a few weeks ago. Hopefully, they'll check it out before their next event.

What is your organization doing to go green? (A tip: downloadable or USB-drive distributed presentations are pretty much the minimum you should be considering.)

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