08 July 2008

Always the Last to Know - TED

A colleague recently turned me on to TED. TED (or Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an annual invitation-only conference that features visionary thinkers around the role of technology in modern society, and, really, anything that's cool. Which is great if you're Malcolm Gladwell or Bill Clinton, but doesn't really help the rest of us all that much.

Enter TED Talks. Yep, they've taken their "ideas worth spreading" and vodcasted them to the world for free under a Creative Commons license. In addition to common search categories like newest and most emailed, they also include:
  • most jaw-dropping
  • most courageous
  • most persuasive
  • most ingenious
  • most fascinating
  • most inspiring
  • most beautiful
  • funniest
Check it out and get inspired!

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