22 July 2008

Always the Last to Know - PicLens

It's a tech-a-palooza at T4P today. On the topic of amazing Firefox plug ins, check out PicLens. It turns sites with a lot of images (like, say, Flickr) into amazing easily navigable 3-D image walls. Having just installed this, my mouth is literally hanging open here at my desk.

Hat tip to D, for sharing this with the BF staff.

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Luna said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for posting about PicLens! We truly appreciate it. We're delighted to hear that you are enjoying PicLens. Hope your readers will like PicLens too and that we can keep your jaw where it is with our future features!

For interested readers, please check out http://piclens.com/demo/ and http://blog.cooliris.com to learn more.

Thanks again,
Luna and The Cooliris Team